The “Happiness” and Self-Help Industry is a multi-million dollar business By Guest Writer Gabe Cabagbag!

I recently wrote a post titled, Lost In my mind: Self-help, Happiness vs Sadness.

The following was taken from a conversation with a friend Gabe Cabagbag.

Realizing how much I define things through cultural translations and generational expectations (said / unsaid)

I think it’s perfectly healthy to feel all aspects of emotions, especially during major season changes in your life. Like everything else in life, it’s about a balance.

Grieving when you’re sad, being pissed off when something bad happens- all emotions that make us human- are necessary in dealing with real-life situations.

I personally think the notion of happiness is very subjective. If you continually have the need to keep seeking it out, you will never find it.

Much like success, how does one define being “successful”? Is it in the achievements they have? The material possessions they own? Or is it in the meaningful relationships they have with others. Or maybe their own self-worth and contentment in their lives.

The “happiness” and self-help industry is a multi-million dollar business and it’s no surprise that we constantly see advertisements, books, and seminars everywhere aiming to make us feel better about ourselves.

I think if we are able to just deal with stressful situations in a positive way and find inner peace we are able to live healthy, happy lives.

Keep it simple. Do what you love. Believe in what you do. Love on others.



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