Exercise can make a metal difference. (Resilience Pt5)

02.10.14 Exercise can make a mental difference. Exercising 3 to 4 days a week (If possible), builds resilience and increases you capacity in the following areas: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Strive to include exercise in your day – whether it’s a gym workout, short walk at lunch, or a pre / post work cardio routine.

When I first started getting back into a routine of exercising I made my goal attainable:

20 minutes + high heart rate.

20 minutes fit into my schedule and merely thinking about running as I walked got my heart rate up.

Exercise releases natural endorphins after a 20 minute cardio workout that makes you feel good. With a sense of achievement and your head held high – this type of positivity will help to carry you through the most difficult of days as it has me.

I’ be honored to hear your thoughts and what your doing in the exercise arena?



Shutting down TECHNOLOGY. (Resilience Pt4)

02.07.14 Turn off the technology
For at least one hour per day, switch off all technology. This time might be used to complete mundane tasks; to read; or simply to relax. Throughout history, man has been able to cope without the technology we have become accustomed to. There is no reason why you cannot cope for one hour per day.

What are the possible benefits of unplugging or stepping away from technology?
Less Stress
Mental Health
Meaningful face-to-face interaction
Better Sex
…. and much more….


Solitude Just May be Undervalued. (Resilience Pt3)

The value of scheduling some time for yourself each and everyday is truly priceless.

By unplugging learning to enjoy silence and your own company enables you to taking time for the things that are important to you, and just might increase your self-esteem.

By creating margins, times, and spending time alone you character will be refined and others will develop more respect for you and your time.

One of the simplest ways to add some solitude in your life is by walking, reading at the park, or looking for things in nature to take a picture of.

I’d be honored to hear how you spend your solitude and how it benefits you.


Getting up and building resilience can deeply improve your daily life. (Resilience Pt2)

Batman Begins is one of my favorite movies and contains a powerful statement when young Bruce asks, “Why do we fall?” The reply is simple yet profound. “So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

Learning to get up and building resilience can deeply improve you daily life.

Resilience increases your character and your ability to cope with stress and pressures; as / when they take place. If you only think about stress when it occurs; you will always feel as if your fighting an uphill battle.

If you take the time to breathe deeply, think, and then implement a possible coping strategies in your life, you greatly reduce your exposure to stress.

This small step can increase your resilience, add depth to your character, reducing stress, improve your health and increase personal effectiveness in your everyday life.

Here’s to getting back up today!

I’d be honored to hear about one step you’re going to take to get back up and add resilience into your life.